Socialpreneur Tey Por Yee & Gomif provides hands on computer classes for 1,800 Ghana children


21 July 2017, Johannesburg, South Africa – Socialpreneur can help, for example, community program provides hands on computer classes for 1,800 Ghana children, as part of socialpreneurship social responsible program.

Children who go to schools in poor and rural areas of Ghana are failing their exams because they do not have hands on computer experience. Working with local chain of libraries, the program organizer has successfully introduced mobile libraries equipped with solar power charging stations that provide fully charged laptop and tablet computers to schools. The new project will provide 1,800 school children with the opportunity to develop vital computer skills.

In Ghana, computer and internet skills are compulsory subjects for Junior High School children (ages 11-16). However, many schools do not have computers, internet connections or electricity, so the children cannot practice. Children fail their computer exams and cannot progress to secondary school. The cost of failure for children of poor families in Ghana is high – their parents take them out of school. Without skills, they are unable to compete in the job market, and the cycle of poverty continues.

The program came with four mobile libraries equipped with solar panels, laptop and tablet computers, and teaching aids like whiteboards, will each visit three schools every week, reaching 1,800 children. Working with teachers and headmasters, librarians will provide the children with hands on computer classes. With regular skills practice, the children will pass their exams.

Angel investor & socialpreneurship activist Tey Por Yee, together with Gomif Partners, is launching the Accelerator17 2.0, a seed capital investment program for socially responsible businesses. The first part of the program shall start with road show from New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, and ends in Singapore.

Tey Por Yee (Larry) is a venture capitalist investing in businesses with socially responsible business initiatives. Gomif Partners, co-led by Larry, shows the tech-savvy start-ups on Johannesburg Cyber Workshop, how easy to contribute to society by using the Internet, besides making a profit from the business.

Gomif will pick up an equity stake in qualified startups as part of the program. Interested candidates can visit and submit business plans online. The Accelerator17 2.0 program started on 17 July 2017 and targets to ends on 18 December 2017.

About Gomif Partners

Gomif Partners (GP) is an early stage investment network joint lead by socialpreneur Larry Tey Por Yee and several private venture partners. GP’s investors invest in and work with information technology companies at any stage but they are primarily focused on seed and early stage investments. GP is interested in socially responsible business models, especially renewable, retail, manufacturing, software, and services surrounding this concept. Visit