Tey Por Yee & Gomif Partners Provide Mexicans with Access to Technology and Education


22 June 2017, New York – Angel investor Tey Por Yee & Gomif Partners, sponsored The Fundacion Proacceso’s Red de Innovacion y Aprendizaje (RIA) program, or Learning and Innovation Network, a group of satellite centres that connect underserved populations to quality education and technology.

More than 69% of the population, or 78 million Mexicans, do not have access to the Internet. Additionally, the public education system in Mexico is ranked among the worst in the OECD countries; with 75% of the students who enroll in primary school not completing high school, the majority of the country’s population is not equipped with the basic skills needed to break out of poverty.

The RIA aims to bridge Mexico’s digital divide and provide its users with the tools they need to participate in their communities and the world at large.

Larry demonstrated in the Accelerator17 2.0 New York Cyber Workshop how to participate in the program over the Internet.

In under three years more than 240,000 users have registered at the RIA centres and more than 60,000 students have graduated from its courses. We have helped students improve their study techniques, the unemployed find jobs on the Internet and people of all ages learn basic computer skills and how to speak English. With 70 centres in the State of Mexico, the RIA expects to reach approximately 350,000 users by the end of 2012.

Gomif Partners, co-lead by venture capitalist Tey Por Yee (Larry), shows the tech-savvy startups on New York Cyber Workshop, how easy to contribute to society by using the Internet, besides making a profit from the business. Gomif will pick up an equity stake in qualified startups as part of the program. Interested candidates can visit http://www.gomif.com and submit business plans online. The program is preparing for the launch of Accelerator17 2.0 some time in July.

About Gomif Partners

Gomif Partners (GP) is an early stage investment advisory network joint lead by socialpreneur Larry Tey Por Yee and several private venture partners. GP’s investors invest in and work with information technology companies at any stage but they are primarily focused on seed and early stage investments. GP is interested in socially responsible business models, especially renewable, retail, manufacturing, software, and services surrounding this concept. Visit http://www.gomif.com