Gomif Partners Sponsored First Green City Hackathon in Albania


12 June 2017, Albania / Munich, German / New York – Social business investor Tey Por Yee (Larry) together with Gomif Partners, sponsored the First Green City Strategy for Albania as part of the Gomif Partners’ Socialpreneurship corporate social responsibility (CSR) program.

This project will train and develop 1000 Green Leaders to model their vision of Green City for their communities. The training program will empower them to draft, develop and deliver for implementation the First Green City Strategy for Albania. A 100 working groups will go through extensive leadership training and brainstorm to deliver the 10 Green City Hackathon milestones. The 6 months training programs will lead to the First Green City Hackathon in Albania.

Larry demonstrated in the Accelerator17 2.0 German Cyber Workshop how to participate in the program over the Internet.

There is currently an environmental dramatic situation in Albania. Trash disposal and medical waste in public spaces, around city centers, rural areas, along rivers and coastline are affecting the communities in every city in Albania. In addition, the air pollution and deforestation are having a direct negative impact on public health, better living and economic growth in the tourism sector.

Green City Hackathon will educate, train and empower the first generation of Green Leaders as Ambassadors of the Environment. In addition, it will draft and develop the first Green City Strategy to include concrete actions and their implementation. It will foster a partnership between young generations to address through a new approach, innovative ideas, and solutions about social inclusiveness and environmental education.

Gomif Partners, co-lead by venture capitalist Tey Por Yee (Larry), shows the tech-savvy startups on German Cyber Workshop, how easy to contribute to society by using the Internet, besides making a profit from the business. Gomif will pick up an equity stake in qualified startups as part of the program. Interested candidates can visit http://www.gomif.com and submit business plans online. The program is preparing for the launch of Accelerator17 2.0 some time in July.


About Gomif Partners

Gomif Partners (GP) is an early stage investment advisory network joint lead by socialpreneur Larry Tey Por Yee and several private venture partners. GP’s investors invest in and work with information technology companies at any stage but they are primarily focused on seed and early stage investments. GP is interested in socially responsible business models, especially renewable, retail, manufacturing, software, and services surrounding this concept. Visit http://www.gomif.com