Environmentalist and angel capitalist Tey Por Yee Support Shark Conservation in Thailand



23 January 2017, Bangkok, Thailand – Environmentalist and businessman Tey Por Yee (Larry) Support Shark Conservation in Thailand, as part of the Gomif Partners’ Socialpreneurship corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative. Larry shows his concerns and contributed to the program during Thailand Cyber Workshop in Bangkok.

According to Shark Guardian, sharks are disappearing from our oceans at an alarming rate, with some records indicating that 90% of some of the larger species are already gone. The people of Khao Lak and surrounds are heavily dependent on dive-based tourism and fishing. The rapid decline in coral reef health is threatening their way of life. Marine-based research and education are essential for the future of this area, to ensure that the spectacular coral reefs of Thailand stay healthy.

“GVI Thailand, in partnerships with Shark Guardian, will provide educational programs and presentations to educate people about shark conservation. Research projects, such as citizen science initiatives and identification courses will increase scientific understanding of shark populations”, commented Larry.

“Finally, we hope to collaborate with other marine organisations to increase our scope and to design and implement guidelines & codes of conduct to reduce damaging tourist operations and the demand for shark products.”, added Larry.

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