Accelerator’17 2.0

The Jul-Dec 2017 Accelerator program was completed on 22 December 2017. Congratulation to the finalist who successfully tied up with relevant seed investors.

Yes, Startup Fund Raising @ Accelerator is still open to business plan submission! Join the socialpreneur seed capital round, click here to submit your business plan.


How does Gomif Partners help its CEOs? Just ask.

The CEOs of few successful Gomif Partners-backed startups say our technical expertise and ability to open doors to key customers are worth their weight in gold.

Gomif Partners (GP) is an early stage investment advisory network joint lead by socialpreneur Larry Tey Por Yee and several private venture partners. GP’s investors invest in and work with information technology companies at any stage but is primarily focused on seed and early stage investments.

GP is interested in social responsible business models, especially renewable, retail, manufacturing, software and services surrounding this concept.

About Socialpreneur

According to socialpreneur and startup investor Tey Por Yee, or better known as Larry Tey, Socialpreneurs are folks who pay attention to the world around them. They recognize a need in their community or in society as a whole and then seek out ways to feed this need while still being able to turn a profit.

social-works.pngIn a world that often thinks of big businesses as self-serving profit centric bad people, companies are looking for ways to remove the stigma and reach out to their communities and the world.

Socialpreneurs change the way we look at our company makeup, they force us to realize that sometimes business just has to be about something more than the bottom line. These leaders are establishing a moral compass for their companies and consumers are paying attention.

Larry Tey | Gomif Partners

Tey Por Yee (Larry), joined Gomif Partners (GP) in 2015 to extend his network to form social business concept in venture capital industry. Learn more about the socialpreneur Larry Tey, click here.


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